Screen Porch


Having a porch installed in your home in Ankeny is a great way to spend more time relaxing with your family members and friends outside, enjoying good company and a refreshing drink or two. Still, even though you want to take in all the beauties of your front or back yard, nature can sometimes throw some curveballs in the form of pests or inclement weather to ruin your fun. If you are looking to take advantage of being outside while also being shielded from the elements, consider contacting our team at Ankeny Deck Specialist. We offer excellent services for screened porches in Ankeny so you can have full protection while still enjoying the great outdoors. 

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What Are the Benefits of Screening Your Porch ?

Many residents in Ankeny would love to take part in the wonderful positives offered by Iowa’s natural beauty but are prevented because of all the negatives that come from being exposed a little too directly to the outdoors. However, you can now have the best of both worlds when you invest in our excellent screened porch options.

Some of the many advantages which come from having your porch screened include:

  • Safeguarding your family and visitors from pests – Mosquitos, flies, wasps, moths, fleas, and other pesky creatures can ruin your fun. Avoid itchy bites and stings, or being forced to wear smelly chemical sprays, simply by arranging for a tough screen.
  • Greater protection from inclement weather – Too much of a good thing, even when it comes to warm sunshine or refreshing rain, can prevent you from getting the fresh air you need. However, you can safeguard yourself from rough weather conditions with our safe porch screens.
  • More space added to your property –  Rather than being forced to build an entire addition to your home, you can make things feel less cramped by adding a protected, roomy space in the form of a screened porch.

Why Adding a Screened Porch Is a Great Investment

Understandably, some homeowners may initially be worried about the cost of adding a porch enclosure. However, it is important to remember that this screened addition will actually make your home have a much higher property value should you ever decide to put it on the market. With our affordable rates and excellent payment plans, you will be able to enjoy your new porch without breaking the bank.

Customizing your Porch Your Way

Some people mistakenly assume that screened porches will look unaesthetic or even garish next to the other parts of the property. At Ankeny Deck Specialist, however, we believe in making your porch fully appealing to you. This is why we are ready to customize your porch to the size, style, and structural form that best matches your unique preferences. 

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