Ankeny Pergolas & Covered Decks and Patio


There is nothing like expanding your property with an amazing deck. This extension to your home allows you to invite a host of family and friends to partake in a backyard barbeque. However, with the inclement weather that can sometimes crop up, having a covered option can give you even more opportunities to enjoy your outdoor living space. To improve your property’s curb appeal and maximize your peace and security, ask us about our excellent Ankeny Pergolas, Covered decks and Covered Patio.

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Why You Should Seek Out Our Services for Covered Decks

A covered deck is truly the best of both worlds for any homeowner. On the one hand, you get to enjoy the gorgeous outdoor scenery in Iowa, taking in all of the refreshing clean air in your beautifully expanded piece of property. However, having a cover for your deck is also essential for maximizing that enjoyment. How can you truly relax when the scorching sun is getting in your eyes, or a slight drizzle is breaking out ? With our wide range of covered deck installation, you can finally feel at home in your extended outdoor space. 

Selecting a Pergola for Your Home

Similar to a covered deck, a pergola is a key exterior structure that offers greater security, privacy, and relaxation in your outdoor space. However, despite that fact that they also have a secure roof made of sturdy rafters and beams, pergolas tend to be more free-standing, and often have options for letting in more light and air, rather than consisting of a solid roof in the manner of a covered deck. Depending on the unique architectural structure of your home, as well as the purpose for building either a deck or a pergola, our team can advise you on the exact process of your installation.

Just a few examples of pergolas you might want to consider include:

  • Open-top Pergolas
  • Free Standing Pergolas
  • Awning pergolas
  • Arched Pergolas
  • Gabled Pergolas
  • Louvered Pergolas
  • Aluminum Pergolas

How Investing in Decks & Pergolas Increases Property Value

It can be a major decision to add a pergola or covered deck if you are a homeowner in Ankeny. Understandably, the process of installation is going to require an extension cost in both time and money. However, it is critical to remember that homeowners have been known to make back 80% of their expenses at the very least, so you will be delighted to discover that your new addition is not only functional and beautiful but offers a great return on investment as well. Just ask our team at Ankeny Deck Specialist for more information. 

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